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Do you ever feel that your own contributions to charity are so meagre that they might not have any impact at all? Do you wish you could help out just a little more, but simply can't afford it? Well fear not, because celebrities are here to help, and they've brought all their money.

Many celebrities have stated that they will match donations made to American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that campaigns for constitutional rights in the US. They've already sued Donald Trump over his refugee ban, and have been working tirelessly to fight discrimination in many forms, including against LGBT people.

It All Started With Sia

Musician Sia first announced on her Twitter that she would match any donation to ACLU up to $100,000. Her display of generosity prompted not only countless donations to ACLU from her followers, but a slew of copycat acts of altruism from other notable figures— including actor and LGBT activist Rosie O'Donnell, who also said she would match donations up to $100,000:

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The Snowball Effect

But it didn't stop there. Wealthy philanthropes all over Twitter were coming forward with their own generous offers. The charitable donation-matchers included Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, Big Cartel CEO Matt Wigham, Outlander Executive Producer Maril Davis, Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and so many more.

But the highest single donation yet has come from taxi app Lyft, who will be donating $1 million to the organization:

It's a far cry from their rival, Uber, who have received a massive amount of backlash following CEO Travis Kalanick's willingness to do business with Donald Trump. They were also accused of attempting to profit off the immigration ban after they refused to join other New York City taxi drivers in a one-hour strike in solidarity with protestors, prompting the boycott movement.

A Positive Impact

Suffice to say, the impact was phenomenal. Over just one weekend, ACLU accumulated 150,000 new members, and over $24 million in donations. And with many still offering to match contributions, that number can only grow.

Remember Sia's last run-in with Trump as his musical guest when he hosted Saturday Night Live?


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