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Last year's devastating attack explicitly targeting LGBTQ people at Pulse Orlando was so shocking that it has left an imprint on our collective consciousness that will not be fading within our lifetimes.

Many readers will remember exactly where they were they experienced that sick-to-the-stomach feeling as the events unfolded and 49 innocent revellers lost their lives in horrifying circumstances.

The world felt a lot more unsafe for people and their allies that day, but many celebrities did what they could to step up to the plate and show their love, gratitude and admiration for the gay community to show everyone affected they weren't alone. One year on, the event is still raw, and the stars below have used their visibility to play homage to the victims once more.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus shared the image of her performing festooned in rainbow pride colors along with a simple post displaying all of the victims names. The Happy Hippie founder reflected on how hate and discrimination is a destructive force, no matter who it is directed toward and urged us all to treat each other with respect.

Mandy Moore

Although she was born in New Hampshire, Mandy Moore lived in Florida from the age of two and considers Orlando to be her "hometown."

Matt Bomer

One of the most high profile openly gay actors out there, Matt Bomer was keen to show his allegiance with the LGBTQ community and advocate a world with less hate.

Ariane Grande

Although she must still be reeling from the devastating Manchester attacks, Ariane Grande still had time to remember the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting. After displaying a wealth of empathy, tact and genuine emotion that many politicians could learn from, can someone give this woman a medal already?

Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz, who has two openly gay brothers, encouraged people to go to Pride events, march and wear their rainbow garb with pride as a memorial to the victims and an act of defiance against terrorism.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda reflected on how the event still feels as raw today as it did a year ago.


Ellen chose to throw some focus on those who managed to escape the club with their lives by reminding us of the courageous Tony Marrero's story.

Josh Gad

Josh Gad chose a simple post that reminded us that each victim was an individual lost to senseless extremism. Say their names.

Billy Eichner

Billy Eicher of Billy on the Street fame encouraged his fans to remember the tragedy and gave each victim a face as opposed to allowing them to become a statistic.

Please feel free to leave your own comments in memory of the victims below.


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