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Hundreds of thousands of people marched in Washington DC this weekend to promote women's rights and equality, contesting the overtly misogynist attitude of the new American president, Donald Trump. They were joined by many more in the US and across the world, with Vox estimating the turnout in the US alone to be 3.3 million people — possibly the biggest protest in American history.

Celebrities also ignored their usual fear of crowds to join the marchers, from Miley Cyrus to Kristen Stewart and Scarlett Johansson. While some used the opportunity to make speeches or give a performance to the enormous crowds in attendance, others were simply happy to share the good news of the incredible turnout.

Meanwhile, many who couldn't attend still took to social media to share their support for the cause with their millions of followers.

From Zoe Saldana To Taylor Swift, Celebs Voiced Their Support For The Women's March Online

Though fans will have different opinions on their favorite not attending the march — I see you, TayTay — it's still refreshing to see many came out to voice their support at least online.

See also:

Guardians of the Galaxy actress Zoe Saldana reposted the Women's March logo:

Kevin Bacon tweeted for all the women in his life:

Orlando Bloom was working, but didn't forget the date:

Rapper Diddy knew just how to call the marchers:

The Kardashians too spoke up, with Kim breaking out of her recent social media slumber:

Jennifer Lawrence was in Budapest, but posted a statement with her usual sass:

Bruce Springsteen voiced his support for the March on stage at a concert in Perth, Australia:

Ryan Reynolds let go of his usual dark humor and used a simple emoji to share news of the March in his city:

And Patton Oswalt is already calling for the next march:

Were you able to attend the Women's March on Washington? If not, do you wish you could have?


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