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A-list, Oscar-winning actress shocked the world with her op-ed piece for the New York Times announcing that she had quietly undergone a preventative double mastectomy following gene testing that revealed she had the cancer-prone BRCA1 gene.

In light of the Girl, Interrupted actress' mother's decade-long struggle and subsequent death because of breast cancer, Jolie made the choice to reduce her risk of breast and ovarian cancer through the drastic procedure. That in itself wasn't necessarily that shocking, however. In the US, 36% of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene carriers will get preventive double mastectomies and the number is rising. With breast and ovarian cancer being such hot-button topics surrounding both charitable efforts in Hollywood, but also some celebrities personal experiences, the reactions have hit Twitter, Facebook and other outlets en force.

So, what do other celebrities have to say about Angelia Jolie's shocking and heroic double mastectomy confession?

Jolie will be seen in Maleficent next year.


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