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As the old saying goes, a dog is for life, not just for christmas, sadly there are still people who this adage hasn't reached. Luckily, there are many kind folks who are willing to open up their homes to these unwanted pups. Some of these pooches are even lucky enough to get picked up by the rich and famous. These are the touching tales of the rescue dogs who are now living the high life with our favorite celebrities.

1. Kristen Bell

Rescue Dogs: Lola and Mr Shakes

Just look at this adorable fluffy ball of joy, Lola was rescued by Kristen, proving that love really is an open door. Like the true Disney princess she is, Kristen is a friend to all the animals. She is a keen advocate for animal adoption. Watch this heart warming video below as she talks about a very important cause:

“I think it’s something people just don’t realize when they’re looking into getting a dog is that dogs and cats and any domesticated animal are vastly overpopulated. There’s a much higher percentage of dogs that need homes than have homes,”

It's great to see Kristen using her celebrity status for something so positive, important and rewarding.

2. Zooey Deschanel

Rescue Dogs: Zelda and Dot

Zooey had only intended to adopt one pup but when the pound told her the dog had a sister, Zooey couldn't separate them, so she ended up with two puppies. Definitely a very Jess thing to do.

Oh my gosh the cute factor is way too much to take. Zooey gets to share her love with these pooches and we couldn't be more jealous. She's even thanks the Bill Foundation for the dogs that have clearly enriched her life.

3. Olivia Munn and Aaron Rogers

Rescue Dogs: Frank Rogers and Chance

Olivia is a real friend to dogs and they definitely are Munn's best friend. Olivia first adopted Chance, pictured above, and decided that she has the capability to look after further dogs such as Frank Rogers:

Both her dogs have their own Instagram so if you're looking for a cute fix, check out those pages. It's always a concern when bringing a new dog into a home that already has a dog, but Olivia didn't have to worry, Frank and Chance are the best of pals.

Olivia's love for dogs isn't just for her own, she's a real advocate for saving dogs from the pound, even on a global scale.

4. Anna Hathaway

Rescue Dogs: Kenobi

Anne already had a beautiful chocolate lab called Esmerelda when she opened her home to rescue mutt, Kenobi. We think it's truly enchanting that Anne has the heart to take in the formerly unwanted little fluff-ball.

5. Josh Hutcherson

Rescue dogs: Manchi and Driver

The Hunger Games star is doing all he can to ensure no dogs go hungry. Josh already had Driver, a pitbull when he adopted Manchi and he's so adorable with them both.

We're sure Peeta and PETA definitely would definitely love this. Pit bulls get such a bad rep for being dangerous dogs but Josh just goes to show, a good home and lots of love saves dogs from that unpleasant fate.

6. Pierce Brosnan

Rescue Dogs: Shiloh

Pierce may have starred in Golden Eye but it also seems he has a golden heart, especially when it comes to rescue dogs. His beloved Shiloh is the focus of many of his Instagram posts.

Pierce is also a spokesperson for many animal charities and fully advocates the adoption of helpless animals, watch the video below to see 007 get all cute about dogs:

7. Amanda Seyfried

Rescue Dog: Finn

Amanda is certainly not a mean girl when it comes to her beloved animals. Seyfried is a great animal charity worker and she does all she can to help those animals less fortunate.

Be sure to check out her charity and share some love with all the animals in shelters. Amanda's own rescue dog Finn is completely adorable and he goes absolutely everywhere with her:

8. George Clooney and Amal Clooney

Rescue Dog: Einstein and Millie

George is a even more of a complete hottie with his gorgeous pup. Einstein was an elderly, sick, stray when Clooney took him in. When interviewed by Esquire about his discovering his gorgeous pet he had this to say:

So I go online and see Einstein. They had a whole film about him. It was actually really sweet. You see him all beat up and shit in the shelter, and they show how they cleaned him up. God, I love this dog. So I called and said, "I like Einstein!"

George and wife Amal have also adopted a new pup together:

9. John Legend and Chrissy Teagan

Rescue Dogs: Penny

We think John is an absolute legend for rescuing three-legged Penny. Penny joins John's growing collection of 'bully' breeds and we think she couldn't get any cuter.

It seems John really loves those darling dogs:

10. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Rescue dog: Baylor

Selena rescued Baylor when she was with Justin Bieber, that relationship may have not lasted, but the love she has for this cutie definitely has. Baylor is so famous, he even has his own Instagram account.

11. Charlize Theron

Rescue Dog: Tucker

Charlize is an activist for many human and animal rights charities along with acting and modelling. She has had four rescue dogs in total, Tucker being her newest.

Keep up the good work, Charlize.

12. Kelly Clarkson

Rescue dogs: Joplin (plus 30 others)

Animal lover Kelly has cared for over thirty rescue dogs in her lifetime, allowing them to get away from shelters and pounds. Her beloved Joplin, sadly passed away, but she continues her good work with all her other canine friends.

Very sad, though we know Clarkson would have given him a wonderful life. We love Kelly's post below showing that raising dogs is not all fun and games:

13. Chelsea Handler

Rescue Dogs: Tammy

Chelsea makes no secret about her love for dogs, they are her children and are treated like royalty. Chunk is her famous bandana wearing doggy and he was given a friend in Tammy after Chelsea rescued her.

These gorgeous dogs are a huge part of Chelsea's life and you have to admit she makes a great dog handler.

14. Drew Barrymore

Rescue Dogs: Flossie and Douglas

Drew is definitely an angel when it comes to dogs. She rescued Flossie when she was just a puppy and the two had sixteen happy years together. Drew has since gone on to rescue Douglas, giving yet another dog a happier life.

15. Mischa Barton

Rescue Dogs: Charlie

Mischa is totally adorable with her dogs, she has Ziggy Stardust and her rescue Charlie. Mischa even Facetimes her pooches when she's on the road.

16. J. K Rowling

Rescue Dogs: Sapphire

Rowling rescuing dogs is truly magical, we love that she took a retired and unwanted greyhound and gave her a new home and a safe place to grow old in.

17. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus

Rescue Dogs: Barbie, Emu, Floyd and Dora

Miley is a huge fan of rescuing dogs from homes, so much so she helped Liam get his own bundle of fluff.

18. Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

Rescue dogs: Enzo, Ira, Nietzsche, and Gerty

Ian and wife Nikki aren't just the sexiest couple around, but they may well be the kindest. The two do all they can in their spare time to save animals. Between them they have nine pets, four of them dogs. They also lead their own animal charity campaigns. Soooo cute.

These dogs don't have a voice and it's wonderful to see such high status celebrities lending them theirs.

19. Ariana Grande

Rescue Dogs: Coco, Toulouse, Ophelia, Fawkes, Cinnamon, Sirius, Strauss, and Lafayette.

The pint sized pop star has quite the posey of pooches. Ariana believes strongly in adoption and she loves to flood her Instagram with pics and videos of her beloveds.

Watch Ariana's Snapchat video as she visits a dog shelter with friends.

20. Lena Dunham

Rescue Dogs: Lamby

The outspoken New Yorker adopted Lamby after she fell in love with him. Apparently they are just as complicated as each other, Dunham has even alluded to the fact Lamby may even be on doggy prozac.

Lena advocates dog adoption via her Instagram page, using the to draw attention to dogs that need homes.

21. Kaley Cuoco

Rescue Dogs: Ruby, Chester, Norman and Petey

Kaley's Instagram bio reads "adopt, don't shop," and as you may have guessed, she is very pro-adoption of dogs and encourages others to do the same.

Kaley is a great animal lover and an avid horse rider. Watch this hilarious video below as Cuoco brings attention to the on-going problem that is dog shaming:

22. Tom Hardy

Rescue dogs: Woodstock

In an interview for the promotion of Lawless, Hardy talked about adopting Woodstock and just how naughty he can be:

Well of course Tom's dog is a bad-ass, it makes perfect sense.

23. Hilary Swank

Rescue dogs: Rumi and Kai

We think it's pretty swanky that Hilary set up the Hilaroo Foundation to help save animals. Along with her two rescues she's an avid animal lover and follows the mentality religiously.

24. Simon Cowell

Rescue dogs: Squiddly, Diddly and Freddy

He may be the nasty guy on your TV screens but when it comes to four legged furry friends, Simon is a softie. He regularly shares photos of rescues on Twitter and supports animal rights charities.

25. Kellan Lutz

Rescue dogs: Kola, Bailey and Kevin

Oh this is all too sweet. Kellan is a PETA spokesperson and supports animal charities worldwide. Kellan caring for these animals is possibly the sexiest thing we've seen all day.

Watch Kellan in this poignant and important campaign video for PETA:

Who has the cutest canine sidekick?


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