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Whether or not you watched the whole grueling 90 minutes, the aftermath of the first Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Presidential Debate of 2016 left plenty of laughs, gasps and terrified wailing in its wake. We've put on our hazmat suits and waded into the depths of the Twitterverse to dredge up the best celeb reactions to the current political situation in America. Enjoy! Or maybe just bookmark this to read once your Canadian visa comes through...

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1. Kirstie Alley reminded us all why she's not in politics:

2. Chrissy Teigen had the right attitude from the beginning:

She even admitted that she and the Donald have a few things in common:

But then she kind of unraveled when she changed the channel:

3. Ilana Glazer of Broad City made a spot-on pop culture reference:



4. Sarah Silverman seemed very concerned about Trump's health:

5. So did Chelsea Handler:

6. Paul Wesley suggested maybe Trump was up to something a little more enlivening than pneumonia:

7. Stephen Baldwin has already thrown all his eggs in Trump's basket:

8. Zach Braff equated the whole thing to a really hyped-up, high-stakes football game:

9. Lin-Manuel Miranda was this close to winning the GIF game:

Although tbh, he did pretty well:

10. Lena Dunham made a charming side-by-side comparison:

11. As did Jerry Springer:

12. Bette Midler quipped like Charles Dickens:

13. Of course, Julie Snook said what we were all surprised to be thinking:

14. But then Merriam-Webster chimed in with the truth (i.e. the word he was looking for was "braggadocio"):

15. Miley Cyrus Is With Her:

16. So is Amy Schumer:

17. James Corden is happy to have fans that love him, but really hopes they're not serious:

18. Patton Oswalt thinks there was one clear winner:

19. After the whole thing, Leslie Jones needed to calm down with a feel-good movie:

20. And Ellen Degeneres has some good advice for everyone:


Who will you be voting for?

This isn't the first time celebs have piped up about this political election. Remember when all these musicians teamed up to write this song telling politicians to stop campaigning with their tunes?


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