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Actress Isabelle Fuhrman won me over the first time I saw the movie Orphan. Not only did she hold her own against genre queen Vera Farmiga, she joined the ranks of Rhoda in The Bad Seed and in The Good Son as being one creeptastic child. I was afraid to see her disappear after Orphan and 's The Hunger Games, but luckily she's getting to work on a movie inspired by the ultimate master of horror, , in an adaptation of his 2006 book Cell.

Cell is about a virus sent as a signal through phones that causes people's brains to switch into homicidal maniacs. The film's protagonist, Clay Riddell, will be played by Stephen King alum (hey, 1408!) , who must find a way to escape Boston when the virus devastates the city. Another 1408 cast member, , will play a former soldier named Tom McCourt.

The movie will be directed by Paranormal Activity 2 director and written by Last House on the Left screenwriter .

Also, can we talk about how someone made a mashup of Orphan with the song "If U Seek Amy"?:


(via Deadline)

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