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Chance the Rapper (or simply just Chance) had a monstrous 2016 and has had a great start to 2017. After the successful release of his third mixtape, Coloring Book (which was met with critical acclaim and thrust him into the mainstream), Chance spent the rest of the year playing shows and spreading his messages of positivity.

On February 12, 2017, he reached an even bigger audience with his historic Grammy wins. Chance took home three Grammys, which is incredible considering he is a completely independent artist and he has not sold any music in his life. Having accomplished all that, what else can we expect from the new hip hop superstar this year? Apparently, we can expect him starring a comedy blockbuster.

Introducing 'Slice,' Chance's Comedic Breakout

'Slice' [Credit: Frehand / N2ition Cinema]
'Slice' [Credit: Frehand / N2ition Cinema]

Chance is set to star in , a 2017 comedy flick directed and written by Austin Vesely, a relatively new director with few credits to his name. It is worth noting that almost half of Vesely's existing credits are for music videos for some of Chance's latest projects: "Sunday Candy" from Surf and "Angels" and "No Problem" from Coloring Book. Vesely and Chance often work in Chicago, and their next project is no exception as filming is taking place in and around Chicago. Slice started five years ago as an idea for a short horror film, then became a TV pilot, and, finally, finished as full-length film. The plot synopsis for Slice is:

When a pizza delivery driver is murdered on the job, the city searched for someone to blame: ghosts? drug dealers? a disgraced werewolf?

All these crazy events take place in the fictional town of Kingfisher. As a comedy, it should be lighthearted and creative, but when asked if the movie is scary, Vesely said, "I hope it has its moments, but it's more of a comedy for me." Chance is slated to play the aforementioned disgraced werewolf: moped-riding Yummy Yummy Chinese delivery driver Dax Lycander.

Possible co-stars rumored to be involved in the project include: Joe Kerry (Stranger Things), Paul Scheer (The League), Zazie Beetz (Atlanta), and Rae Gray (Boardwalk Empire). Check out a tweet by Chance teasing the project:

Overall, Chance fans should have high hopes for this project. We should expect a lot of mopeds, pizza and jokes. Chance is yet to disappoint and Vesely is someone with whom he has successfully collaborated in the past. While this will be Chance's full-length movie debut, he has acted before. In 2015, he starred in a VICE short film called Mr. Happy. Its tone is very different from that of Slice, as it features a depressed man trying to end his life. Regardless, it does show that Chance has the acting chops to take the lead role in a movie. Check it out below:

Fans should expect a fair amount of ridiculousness in this film. After all, its plot centers around moped-riding werewolf named Dax. However, it should be an extremely fun movie and well made. Independent production company A24 is involved. A24 also worked on Ex Machina and Moonlight. Hopefully, Slice should give us even more reason to love Chance, a man who seems to get more and more likable by the day.

'Slice' [Credit: Frehand / N2ition Cinema]
'Slice' [Credit: Frehand / N2ition Cinema]


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