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What would happen if you went in for a job interview, got a big fat rejection, and then got trapped in the building with loads of angry assailants trying to kidnap the man you wanted to impress? Nightmare day, right?

This all happens in the brand new guilty-pleasure trailer for destruction specialist 's and -starring White House Down. Expect guns, one-liners, explosions, guns, explosions, helicopters, bromance, and explosions:

(via The Playlist)

You know what, this video clip might look a little silly, but I honestly don't care, I had a smile on my face through the whole trailer. Who needs plot, anyway? Seeing Foxx and Tatum play off each others rockets puts this flick near the top of my must-see movies of this summer. What say y'all?

White House Down smashes into theaters June 28th.


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