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The Tatum family are soon gonna be next door neighbors to the Alba clan, and although Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Jessica Alba are so close they are working on a charity project together, it's 4-year-old Everly who is the most overjoyed.

, her husband Cash Warren and their two daughters Haven (5) and Honor (9) are moving into 's Beverly Hills hood after purchasing a gorgeous seven bedroom house for $10 million.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum revealed the exciting news during the launch the “Mommy & Me” Havaianas collection which she collaborated on with Alba. The mom of one explained:

“Everly is very excited. We walk by [the house] and she says, ‘We’re going to have friends soon?’

Dewan-Tatum and Jessica Alba have recently been drawn into each others orbit after working on the Havanas project mentioned above in aid of Baby2Baby, a charity which helps low income families to provide the bare necessities their babies need for a happy, healthy childhood. Or, in Alba's words:

"We’re moms and we know how tough it is to raise kids. We have more than we could possibly ever need, and even with all of that, it’s still tough. Baby2Baby is here to alleviate a lot of that stress and pressure for families so that they can be the best parents.”

Here's to a plethora of playdates for these two compassionate moms as Jessica and co settle into their brand new pad.

Which celebrity would you love to live next door to?


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