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Sophie Atkinson

According to everybody's (least?) fave supermarket tabloid, during a fight scene in Jupiter Ascending:

'Mila [Kunis] was supposed to run to Channing [Tatum]'s left side while he threw a punch from his right side, but she got her directions crossed, ran the wrong way — and Channing’s fist slammed her cheekbone!'

The Enquirer observed she 'hit the ground hard,' and had been 'knocked out for several seconds.'

According to The Enquirer, the actress said she felt 'woozy,' but asked to push on because she was 'afraid her jaw might be too swollen the next day.'

They report she returned the following day 'sporting a bruise.'

Gasp! Shock! Horror!

Ok, pause.

Note how they miss out some essential details: when this happened, where (the film has been shooting in both London and Chicago) and/or any pictures of Kunis with a bruise.

Why, pray tell? Because The Enquirer made the whole thing up, a source close to the production told Gossip Cop.

Yeuch. The Hollywood gossip scene just got seedier than ever. Is making up instances of accidental violence against women now a Thing Journalists Do?

Let's hope not.


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