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This is the home for all the news, rumors and upcoming projects regarding Hollywood hunk, Channing Tatum. Here we'll update you with the latest information and juicy tidbits to keep you Channing all over your Tatums for the foreseeable! You're welcome.

Channing Tatum: News and Rumors

Last Updated 10/31/2016:

Ellen Pompeo wants Channing on Grey's Anatomy, stat!

After 13 seasons and 375 episodes, the weary hospital staff of Grey's Anatomy look like they need some young blood. Star and face of the franchise Ellen Pompeo recently revealed her love for both Channing and his equally talented wife Jenna Dewan. The 46-year-old star was positively gushing and reached out to the duo, urging them to come and feature on the long running hospital drama. Pompeo has clearly learned a thing or two about medicine because she knows that a dose of Channing is the remedy for most ailments.

Ellen Pompeo on "Grey's Anatomy" / ABC
Ellen Pompeo on "Grey's Anatomy" / ABC

(Source: i-Tech post)

Tom Hanks professes his love for Channing and can't wait to see the Splash remake!

Earlier this year, Disney announced plans to remake the 1984 classic Splash. For those of you who haven't see it (go watch it now!) the story follows a young man (Tom Hanks) who falls in love with a mermaid (Daryl Hannah) he met as a boy. The reboot will feature a gender-switcheroo with Channing Tatum taking on the role of the seductive merman who falls in love with Jillian Bell's character. In a recent interview with BBC, Hanks couldn't hide his love for the twinkle-toed hunk:

“No I’d like to reprise my role as Alan Bauer and I’d like to fall in love with Channing Tatum and I’d like to find happiness at last, where we’re both accepted for who we are. I think that would be a worthwhile remake.”

We'd love to see a love triangle with Hanks somehow worked in there but if he thinks he's the only person who wants to play Channing's love interest, he better get in line.

(Source: BBC)

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Channing Tatum Biography

Hunk with a Heart of Gold

Channing's biography kicks off in humble beginnings, working as a roofer in Tampa, gaining an interest in dancing when he started moonlighting at a local male strip club. He went on to feature in several music videos and commercials until he finally broke through via Step Up and showcased his talents to the world. From here, Tatum featured in several film projects, some small indie films that did well at festivals and big blockbusters in different genres such as Dear John and G.I Joe.

Channing Tatum conquers all, '21 Jump Street'
Channing Tatum conquers all, '21 Jump Street'

Embracing his dancing background, Tatum went on to produce Magic Mike with Steven Soderbergh, which was based on his time as a struggling exotic dancer and won the attention of critics and audiences alike. He showed early on that he could do anything: Dancing, acting, action, comedy, drama and everything in between — like mastering the art of getting a little bit naked demonstrated here in Magic Mike:

Despite the many gay and bisexual rumors, Channing Tatum is happily married to his wife & former Step Up co-star, Jenna Dewan and the couple have one baby daughter, Everly Tatum. It seems Tatum has hit the height of his career at a young age by being versatile and proving he really can do it all.

Channing Tatum Stats:

  • Age: 36 (Born April 26, 1980)
  • Net Worth: An estimated $50 million.
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Status: Married

Channing Tatum: New and Upcoming Movies

Here we take a look at all of Channing Tatum's new and upcoming movies complete with up-to-date information on all the projects, so you know exactly what to expect!

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Colin Firth and Taron Egerton in the first 'Kingsmen'
Colin Firth and Taron Egerton in the first 'Kingsmen'
  • Release Date: June, 16 2017
  • Director: Matthew Vaughn
  • Also Starring: Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry

The Kingsmen headquarters is under siege organized by a new, robust villain. Eggsy and Merlin are forced to team up with their American counterparts — the Statesmen — to ward off this powerful new threat.

Logan Lucky

Steven Soderbergh on the set of 'The Knick'
Steven Soderbergh on the set of 'The Knick'
  • Release Date: Currently Filming, TBA
  • Director: Steven Soderbergh
  • Also Starring: Daniel Craig, Adam Driver, Katherine Heigl, Riley Keough

Steven Soderbergh returns triumphantly to the heist film genre with Logan Lucky, a story of two brothers who attempt to pull off a scheme during an enormous NASCAR race.


Fan art of Tatum as Gambit.
Fan art of Tatum as Gambit.
  • Release Date: TBA 2018
  • Director: TBA
  • Also Starring: TBA

Channing Tatum will slip into the infamous trench coat for this upcoming X-Men adaptation. It's still too early to tell which story or timeline this will take in but Gambit will most likely focus on Remy LeBeau's origin story in the seedy underworld of New Orleans before joining Xavier's mutant academy.

Channing Tatum: The Complete Movies List

Behold! A complete list of every Channing Tatum movie, all in one place!

  • Hail, Caesar! (2016)
  • The Hateful Eight (2015)
  • Magic XXL (2015)
  • Jupiter Ascending (2015)
  • The Book of Life (2014)
  • 22 Jump Street (2014)
  • Foxcatcher (2014)
  • The Lego Movie (2014)
Channing in 'Foxcatcher'
Channing in 'Foxcatcher'
  • White House Down (2013)
  • This is the End (2013)
  • G.I Joe: Retaliation (2013)
  • Side Effects (2013)
  • Don Jon (2013)
  • Magic Mike (2012)
  • 21 Jump Street (2012)
  • The Vow (2012)
Channing Tatum in 'The Vow'
Channing Tatum in 'The Vow'

  • Haywire (2011)
  • 10 Years (2011)
  • The Eagle (2011)
  • The Son of No One (2011)
  • The Dilemma (2011)
  • Dear John (2010)
  • G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2019)
  • Public Enemies (2009)
Tatum as a centurion in 'The Eagle'
Tatum as a centurion in 'The Eagle'

  • Fighting (2009)
  • Stop-Loss (2008)
  • Step Up 2: The Streets (2008)
  • Battle in Seattle (2007)
  • Step Up (2006)
  • She's the Man (2006)
  • A Guide to Recognizing your Saints (2006)
  • Supercross (2005)
  • Havoc (2005)
  • Coach Carter (2005)

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