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Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan have never exactly been pious church mice when it comes to discussing their bedtime aerobics with the press, but now Tatum has given us an even more intimate gift about bed time at chez Chan.

Those who don't want to feel a tinnnny bit like a celebrity peeping tom should turn away now, though, because nap times are very much naked and Channing seems eager to take us through the keyhole into his cave while he beats his chest about how hot his wife is:

Naturally, because the photo is entitled "nap time" it can be reasonably be assumed that Jenna is asleep in the image and, hearteningly, many fans were concerned about whether Channing has her permission to post it:

Although It's pretty safe to assume that Channing wouldn't disrespect his wife by posting pictures of her naked body without a thumbs up from her, it's great to hear his fans are so aware of the ever-important matter of consent.

Of course, as with any situation where "nude" and "Channing" are presented in even a remotely similar context, many people were eager for a glimpse of Tatum's treasures and implored Jenna to return the favor:

Clearly the nap did Jenna good though, just a few hours after her birthday suit-clad slumber, the 36-year-old actor and dancer looked dazzling at the InStyle Golden Globes afterparty:


What would you do for a naked nap with Chan-dawg?


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