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You know how when you're not a famous person, you have to do stuff you're not into for money? Chill out guys, this isn't a casual reference to prostitution. I just mean working a boring admin job, or handing out flyers for a club you think is kind of stupid to make enough extra cash to go on your jollidays.

Turns out Channing Tatum had exactly that sort of job. All the way back in 2003 he was an unknown who did some modelling for P-Diddy's Sean John fashion line to pay the bills. Makes sense, right?

I mean, it's fine. It's not like he had to wear anything stupid. The trousers are a little baggy, but it's a perfectly respectable outfit.

I'm not sure I'd drop vast quantities of dollar on a wet look denim jacket, but, possibly I'm not P-Diddy's target audience.

All was going well, until...


Now, I'm no expert on men's fashion, but...P-Diddy was almost certainly playing an elaborate prank. Right?????

One more time for the road: that time Channing Tatum dressed up in Gwen Stefani's Harajuku tights and boots combo with the fur coat of an aviator hooker.

In the words of Buzzfeed, 'DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.' Word.

Source: Buzzfeed


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