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Merely typing the words 'Channing Tatum' is enough to give me butterflies but has the quintessential Hollywood hunk always been such a charmer? I have done some extensive research and I can confirm that the answer is a resounding YES. Take a look at these eye-wateringly adorable snaps for the Tatum family album and see for yourselves!

1. Half-dressed horseplay

It takes years of experience to perfect the delicate art of underwear modelling. Tatum has clearly been honing his tighty-whitey skills for decades and I think we call all appreciate the fruits of his labour and dedication. Cheers Chan!

2. Bowl-cut bronco

The cherubic Channing is a perfect Alabama angel perched upon his Western throne. Working that bowl-cut and briefs combo is a very advanced task for a boy of his age but Channing carries it off with aplomb.

3. The Karate kid, child model edition

An eight-year-old could already kick a grown mans ass like a boss.

4. Buckets of charm

Before the penthouse suites, Channing was content with the simple things

5. Flirting with danger

Giving off more face than the entire season of America's Next Top Model, Channing's smize has serious fire power.

6. Bruce Bogtrotter U.S.A.

Warning: Mello Yello may cause drowsiness.

7. School goes suave

In my school pics I always have my eyes closed and 4 chins. Channing however, is torn straight from a photo shoot about hair gel and cuteness. Life is cruel.

8. That baby's got balls

I know Tatum was scooping up 'Most Athletic' prizes in hight school but this is ridiculous!

9. Sophomore heart-stealer

If that was sitting next to me at high school, I would be retarded.

10. Teenage dream

I can totally understand why Channing resorted to dressing like Bill Gates circa 1992 to ward off the swarms of gushing girls. He ain't just a pretty face.

Images: Channing Tatum Unwrapped, Celebuzz , Wallpaperscraft and Blogspot



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