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David Latona

Check out 's bizarre makeover, undergone as a requisite for his upcoming new film Jupiter Ascending. The usually dark-haired, clean-shaven heartthrob has been photographed on set with his new appearance: blonde-dyed hair and matching beard stubble. This striking transformation is apparently a script-driven necessity for and 's latest sci-fi flick, a dystopian vision of the future where humans are at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder. Tatum's character, laconically named 'Caine', is a defective genetic splice of an ex-military hunter with both wolf and human DNA, who incidentally happens to also be half-albino. I guess that explains the 90's boy-band look.

Tatum plays second fiddle to the film's main protagonist Jupiter Jones, portrayed by the often-proclaimed 'Sexiest Woman Alive', . Jones is a toilet-cleaning immigrant janitor who one day learns that her genetic makeup could destine her to be the next Queen of the Universe. The actual sitting regent gets wind of this prophecy, and subsequently gets understandably pissed, so she sends her houndish lackey Caine out to whack Jupiter.

The Wachowski siblings' latest excursion into dystopia will hit the silver screens on July 25th, 2014.



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