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Before Channing Tatum splashed onto the big screen in a series of highly-acclaimed roles, the actor was more-or-less just the next Hollywood hunk with rippling abs, big arms and a defined jaw. Essentially, a lot of his '00s appeal came with the knowledge that yes, he once used to be a stripper.

Since then though, he's gone on to stick his hefty thumbs into a lot of industry pies, working with a myriad of legendary actors and encompassing a number of fascinating roles across many genres. Ultimately, Channing Tatum's choices have confirmed once and for all that he's no longer just a one-trick pony.

Yet, that's not to say that he's not happy to slip on his dancing shoes from time to time, proving that it's okay for men to dance and to enjoy it. Here are nine times Channing Tatum busted out some epic moves and made us want to do the same:

1. That Time Channing Tatum Met His Beautiful Wife Jenna Tatum While Dancing In Step Up

The year was 2006 and the moment was beautiful.

2. That Time He Went Back To His 'Chan Crawford' Roots

Eight months as a stripper in Tampa, Florida certainly paid off when he appeared in Magic Mike. He later told GQ:

“I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t regret one thing. I’m not a person who hides shit.”

3. That Time He Was Then A Gyrating God In Magic Mike XXL

See more:

4. That Time He Did A Surprisingly Sexy 'Funky Chicken' For Vanity Fair

Don't pretend you're not impressed.

5. That Time He Brought Back Tap Dancing And It Was Everything

Channing Tatum also reassured us that it was okay to wear eye-liner as a serious Hollywood actor in Hail! Ceasar.

6. That Time He Gave Ellen DeGeneres A Lap Dance On TV

A magical moment that should be re-watched and cherished.

7. That Time He Danced With Charlize Theron At The Oscars And It Was Breathtaking

There's no denying that we all wish we could do that.

8. That Time He Dressed Up As Frozen's Elsa And Gave The Performance Of His Life

When Spike TV show Lip Sync Battle hit the small screens, it was basically all everyone could talk about.

9. That Time Channing Tatum Was SO Good That He Actually Became Beyoncé

Understandably, this broke the Internet.


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