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Channing Tatum launched his new brand of vodka, Born and Bred, earlier this year, proving that he's a keen entrepreneur as well as one of the sexiest men alive. Tatum took his business acumen to a whole new level over the July 21st weekend, as he selected several customers who ordered Born and Bred Vodka from the Saucey app (an alcohol delivery service), and delivered the product in person.

One of the first encounters Channing Tatum had was amazing, and he Periscoped the surprised customers for the world to see. The woman was shocked to see Tatum outside of her apartment, and reacted to a surprise appearance from the Kingsman: The Golden Circle star in the same way we all would: by screaming "Holy fucking shit!". Channing Tatum is adorably enthusiastic in the video, and the encounters only got better with each customer he visited.

Channing Tatum Delivers Vodka And Instagram Explodes

Shortly after Tatum streamed his vodka delivery on Periscope, a slew of Instagram posts popped up, depicting his delivery antics in all of their glory. It seems that the actor was up for anything, especially taking silly selfies with the surprised customers – including a mock prom picture of Tatum standing behind one of his male customers:

It’s worth noting that the Instagram post above is from Amanda Cerny, who is no ordinary customer. She was Playboy’s Playmate of the month in October 2011, as well as being a huge internet star. Nevertheless, Tatum showed up with some Born and Bred Vodka, and took some pictures with her.

The last Instagram post is a special one, because it is a video of Tatum helping some lads celebrate one of their birthdays – even though technically, it’s everybody’s birthday if shows up to your house with booze. The video shows Tatum encouraging two gentlemen to chug from the bottle he delivered, while a chorus of “Happy Birthday” rings out among the crowd:

The Instagram posts remind us of how awesome Channing Tatum is, and make the rest of us jealous that he didn't show up our houses. Not only was this an amazing surprise for the people who ordered Tatum’s vodka, but it is also a great way to advertise his product. For those of us that didn’t meet Channing Tatum this weekend, we can see him in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, when it premieres on September 22, 2017.

Sound off! How would you react if Channing Tatum showed up at your house with a bottle of vodka? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.


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