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When Magic Mike Live was announced back in May, Chan fans were devastated that the hunky star wouldn't be swinging his salami in Las Vegas, but on last night's Ellen Show, the man himself and his sizzling stage show joined forces for a true spectacular.

Blasting off the new season of Ellen in style, Channing Tatum swung into the studio with an army of oiled studs at his beck and call to promote the Las Vegas based Magic Mike Live which will premiere at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in March 2017.

The star, who co-directed the upcoming musclebound magic, was clearly super proud of the beauty he has helped to created with the help of his former stripping skills and Hollywood know how.

When asked why he'd decided to bring his no singing, all dancing troupe to The Ellen Show, Channing explained it was all about democratizing the field of objectification:

"We just thought, let’s go make something cool. Let’s go make something really for you guys. Hopefully we’re going to be able to do that. It should be women empowering. You know, equal opportunity objectification for everyone."

Check out the clip of Chan's clan riding Ginuwine's 'Pony' in the clip below, and keep your eye on Ellen's face for some on point expressions:

As if the acrobatic antics of the dancers weren't enough, Ellen also gave the audience free tickets to hit up the show when it hits Vegas's Hard Rock café in March 2017. Jealous much?

Would you go to see Magic Mike Live?

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