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Ever since The Hunger Games left our cinemas last year, Hollywood has struggled to fill the large YA shaped hole left in its absence, producing lacklustre franchises such as Divergent and more divisive films like Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children.

However, one notable exception to this trend has been the phenomenal success of A Monster Calls, which uniquely eschews the post-apocalyptic leanings of most Young Adult adaptations. Instead, the story of delves deep into the emotional trauma of childhood, exploring themes of denial and loss with a nuance rarely seen in films aimed at a wider teen audience.

The Knife Of Never Letting Go [Credit: Walker Books]
The Knife Of Never Letting Go [Credit: Walker Books]

It may come as no surprise then that the work of celebrated author Patrick Ness is being tapped by Hollywood once again in a big screen adaptation of the trilogy, a post-apocalyptic tale that surprisingly veers away from the usual trappings of the genre.

While we may have heard all of this before — Remember when Hollywood tried to make Mortal Instruments a thing? — Chaos Walking could very well take over as the Young Adult franchise to beat, particularly if the talent involved is anything to go by.

Directed by Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, Mr. & Mrs. Smith), Chaos Walking will star our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, , and new Star Wars heroine, Daisy Ridley, in the two lead roles.

Spider-Man [Credit: Marvel Comics Group]
Spider-Man [Credit: Marvel Comics Group]

Chaos Walking follows the story of Todd Hewitt, the youngest boy in a strange place called Prentisstown, where all the women have succumbed to a deadly virus and everyone can hear each other's thoughts. Upon discovering an awful secret about the town, Todd is forced to flee with his dog in tow, where he then encounters a strange girl on the run.

Talk of adapting the Chaos Walking trilogy began in 2013 when Robert Zemeckis was initially attached to the project, which aimed to focus on the first book in the trilogy, “The Knife of Never Letting Go.” However, the news that up and coming stars such as Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley are set to join the cast bodes well for the long-gestating project, suggesting that we could see the film in theatres as soon as 2019 if production starts soon.

Captain America: Civil War [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Captain America: Civil War [Credit: Marvel Studios]

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Sure, the idea of 24 year old Ridley playing a teenage girl should raise an eyebrow or two among fans of the source material, but Chaos Walking certainly has the potential to reignite interest in the Young Adult genre, especially as the story is far better than just your regular Hunger Games ripoff.

May the odds be ever in your favor, Chaos Walking.


Could Chaos Walking be the new Hunger Games?

Source — The Hollywood Reporter


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