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Barry Allen’s time travel shenanigans became a running joke among fans during last season of The Flash, and the repercussions from his manipulation to the space time continuum bordered on the edge of absurdity. Every week fans learned of a new consequence Barry had wrought on Team Flash, to the point where everything bad that happened throughout the season was basically Barry’s fault. It’s not going to be easy for Barry to move past that guilt, but sadly, it seems that one member of Team Flash won’t be very forgiving when he comes out of the Speed Force.

In a nutshell, The Flash's main protagonist, Barry Allen, was the Big Bad of Season 3, and this rubbed some fans the wrong way. Heading into Season 4, it seems that the cast and crew are aware of last season’s mistakes and look to learn from them. The Flash’s executive producers have already assured fans that Season 4 will be lighter in tone, and that the show is finished with time travel.

On top of convincing fans that Season 4 will be a new chapter for the show, Barry Allen himself, , hopes that fans can forgive his character for screwing up the timeline last season.

Grant Gustin Hopes Everyone Can Forgive Barry In The Flash Season 4

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Grant Gustin talked about how Barry Allen will cope with Team Flash when he emerges from the Speed Force, and hopes that they can all forge a new future:

"He's able to just let go a lot of the things he feels guilty about, a lot of the hardship he's had to deal with. Not only was he the big bad towards the end of the season, but he kinda set everything in motion that was bad news last year. So hopefully, not only for Barry but for the viewers, for Team Flash, there could be kind of a forgiveness and we could move on from all of the drama that happened last year."

It’s true that Barry was at the center of all the chaos caused by Savitar in The Flash Season 3, but he also bears the weight of what happened to Team Flash. He was responsible (albeit indirectly) for Caitlin becoming Killer Frost, Cisco’s brother’s death, the death of H.R., and the Dominators coming to Earth.

With Barry's sudden demise and the chaos and destruction he left behind, it's possible not everyone might be excited to see The Flash return.

A Member Of Team Flash Might Not Want To Get Barry Out Of The Speed Force

Out of everyone on Team Flash, we would assume Iris West would be the most eager to get Barry out of the Speed Force. However, in a recent conversation with TV Guide, hinted that Iris is a different person than she was in previous seasons:

"She's forced to deal with that anger and resentment and abandonment by kind of focusing on protecting Central City. We're seeing a very different Iris, almost a very hardened Iris.”

We have already seen Iris West’s attitude toward getting Barry back in the SDCC 2017 teaser trailer for Season 4, and she seems to be resolved to living without him. Her attitude is understandable since her fiancé abandoned her without notice, and that sort of emotional trauma tends to change a person.

Patton’s comments also line up with a statement Carlos Valdes made to Entertainment Weekly, which hints that a member of Team Flash isn’t stoked to get Barry Back:

“I wish I could say that the team unanimously agrees that things are not the same when the season starts, but not everybody feels that way. Most of the energy on the team is toward getting Barry back, and Cisco may or may not have some things up his sleeve with regards with how to make that happen, but there is a member of the team that’s not on board, and that ultimately makes the mission to get Barry back a lot more difficult. But the thing about Cisco is if he wants to get his friends back, he will do whatever it takes the get his friends back — and that’s not just Barry.”

Valdes’s comments are intriguing, and based on what we know, we could see Iris not want Barry back. It could be someone else, maybe Wally – because he has become the new hero of Central City – but it’s likely Iris is not happy that Barry abandoned her. We can’t wait to see how the show moves on from the chaos of last season, and hopefully we will see a return to its former glory.

You can catch The Flash Season 4 premiere on October 10, 2017 8PM/ET on The CW.

Sound off! Which member of Team Flash do you think doesn’t want to get Barry out of the Speed Force? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

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