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Brian Salisbury

If you're making a TV series based on ' Hellblazer comic, it would stand to reason that the titular character would appear in that series. Luckily, thanks to KsiteTV, we not only have confirmation that John Constantine will appear in his own show but also we've got word on three other characters currently being sought by casting directors.

The recognizable name on the list is Chas (aka Frank William "Chas" Chandler); a taxi driver who is Constantine's long-time friend and muscle. The other two names on the list (Manny and Liv) are foreign to me, but then I'm a novice to the comic.

I don't know how most fans feel, but I didn't hate the 2005 film starring . I'm not saying Reeves was a great piece of casting or anything, but I enjoyed the film itself and I think with the right actors, this show could be leaps-and-bounds better. Of course, the original source here doesn't mention any actual actors up for consideration for these roles, just that the roles exist.

What do you guys think? Moreover, who might Manny and Liv be?



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