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Damn, Swampy! You and Dan back at it again with an extremely clever new show. No surprise coming from the creators of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning Phineas and Ferb. Here's a taste of what's to come when Milo makes his way to Disney XD:

The show follows the life of Milo Murphy, the great-great-great-great grandson of Edward A. Murphy Jr. Milo is constantly cursed with the fundamental law his ancestor is known for: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

If this show is anything like Phineas and Ferb, I have no doubt I will be hooked. The concept alone has me intrigued and it got me thinking of the other kinds of characters that could make an appearance on the show. Following suit with how Milo is cursed with a family affliction, here are five characters who could be subjected to famous laws, trains of thought and legends.

Side Note: These characters are mere concepts and are not actually in the show. (Or maybe they could be — Dan Povenmire! Jeff "Swampy" Marsh! Let's talk!)

5. Cat Schrödinger — Descendant Of Erwin Schrödinger

Although this experiment was originally conducted in the 1930s, its popularity sky-rocketed when The Big Bang Theory applied it to talk about relationships, not to mention its references in other popular shows such as House M.D., Futurama, Doctor Who, and more. Even Phineas and Ferb give a subtle nod to Schrödinger in the episode "Lost in Danville." So why not have a character who personifies the experiment?

In the original experiment, the cat is in a state of being both dead and alive (at least conceptually). In reality, this is physically impossible (unless zombies really exist). Cat could be one of those minor characters that has one foot in two different conflicting states. She is not only pro-Hillary Clinton and also pro-Donald Trump, but she also thinks Colin Kaepernick should be ridiculed and praised for his actions and can’t confirm her stance on gun laws. If she were to be in a character alignment (for you D&D enthusiasts), she would be true neutral. Welcome to Ambivalent-ville, population: Cat Schrödinger.

4. Doug Pavlov — Distant Relative Of Ivan Pavlov

For those unfamiliar with the psychological experiment of Pavlov's Dog, you can rest easy knowing it's not as cruel as poisoning a cat (and not as bad as the Family Guy treatment shown above). In the 1890s, a Russian scientist named Ivan Pavlov conducted a classical conditioning experiment. Pavlov would ring a bell just before he would feed a dog. Over time, the dog would learn that once the bell rang, he would receive food. This turned into a conditioned response that even without the presence of food, the mere sound of the bell would cause the dog to start salivating in anticipation.

Similarly, Doug Pavlov has a conditioned response to anything that sounds like a bell. The sound of a gong, wind chimes, a pipe clanging on the floor, etc. triggers Doug to react. But instead of salivating like in the experiment, Doug has been conditioned to tackle the first object he sees like a football lineman reacting to the start of a play. In fact, almost everyone in the Pavlov family has a different response to a bell-like sound. Doug's father Donald begins dancing a solo tango. His older sister Dawn grabs anything near by so she can paint/draw/sculpt a piece of art. His younger twin siblings, Daniel and Danielle, drop everything and start doing Cirque du Soleil tumbling passes. Sadly, responsibility falls on the matron of the household, Donna, to keep the family in line so no one gets hurt (or arrested).

3. Ziggy Freud — Descendant Of Sigmund Freud

Huh.... Wolverine the Angel?
Huh.... Wolverine the Angel?

The "Shoulder Angel and Devil" has been a long-standing plot device in film and television. A direct link to the Freudian trio of the Id, Ego and Superego, two desires manifest themselves as a "good influence" (Superego/Angel) and "bad influence" (Id/Devil) on the shoulders of the conflicted individual (Ego) to help him or her make a difficult moral decision. Kronk's Angel and Devil versions of himself in Emperor's New Groove and Ned Bigby's Abraham Lincoln and Benedict Arnold hallucinations in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide are just a couple of examples. It would be pretty interesting to see Dan and Swampy's take on this classic concept and I think I have the perfect candidate.

Ziggy Freud is constantly at odds with himself even with the simplest of decisions. "Should I have that piece of cake?" "Can I hit the snooze button one more time?" "I could help Milo or I could watch him fail and get a good laugh." Ziggy is definitely the wild card (the Buford of the group if you will) considering that his actions could either help or hinder Milo's effort in curbing his "Extreme Hereditary Murphy’s Law Condition" or EHML. The sugar on top could be that his "Angel and Devil" are good and evil version of Ducky Momo. After all, everyone needs a guilty pleasure, just ask Candace.

2. Cindy Ma — Suffers From Major Cinephilia Syndrome (MCS)

We all have that one friend or acquaintance who can speak mostly in movie and television references. Even the smallest reminder of a quote will make said person start reiterating lines on the spot, maybe even trying to imitate the voices in the process. Shawn Spencer from Psych, Abed Nadir from Community and Michael Bolton in The Lonely Island video for "Jack Sparrow" are notorious for such habits and do so in very entertaining fashion.

Now take that person to extraordinary lengths, and you have Cindy Ma. Cindy has a bad case of Major Cinephilia Syndrome or MCS. Instead of injecting movie and television quotes at will, Cindy can ONLY speak in quotes, similar to how Bumblebee could only use radio frequencies to communicate in the first Transformers. Sure, there are copyright laws and such to worry about, but seeing as this is a Disney property, the whole slew of Disney movies, Lucasfilms productions and Marvel properties could be at her disposal. Not to mention when they start doing crossover episodes, Cindy will have a field day!

1. Pandora Bach — Ancestral Ties To Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box in The Librarian
Pandora's Box in The Librarian

In ancient Greek mythology, the first woman created by Zeus, Pandora, opens a box that releases all the world’s evil, only to be closed before Hope could escape as well. Pandora’s Box in modern times is a label given to a process that generates complicated problems because of an unwise decision. We've seen versions of this in shows and movies all the time. Eugene from Hey Arnold, The Gremlin from Looney Tunes and Sadness from Inside Out are just a few examples of characters who were believed to do more harm than good. Having a character that can make situations go from bad to worse would just add more fuel to Milo’s EHML fire.

Just like Milo, Pandora is fully aware of the curse set upon her from her family lineage. Not only that, but Pandora refuses to let that stop her from living out her life and maybe even pursue a relationship with the young Murphy. Unfortunately in her conquest, the combination of both afflictions creates mountains out of mole hills, multiplying the danger caused by Milo exponentially when Pandora tries to help. Unlike her ancient Greek predecessor, Pandora can rectify her mistakes with a little bit of hope (and a whole lot of luck) to produce an amazing outcome at the end of the day. Let’s just hope Milo gives her the chance to do so.

One thing that is almost guaranteed is the inclusion of episode-specific songs. Wouldn't be too hard for the showrunners who managed to do that over four seasons and a movie. If worse comes to worst, they can always turn to the master of parody music and lead voice actor for Milo, "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Milo Murphy's Law premiers October 3rd on Disney XD. Mark your calendars, set your DVR's and add a reminder on your phone to check it you! Just in case something goes wrong.

What other characters and their afflictions can you think of for Milo Murphy's Law?


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