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Across the spectrum of Marvel's superheroes, when it comes to ability, Daredevil is, admittedly, lacking. Don't get me wrong, he is still one of the most intriguing, the most tenacious, and one of the most easily likeable vigilantes, but he's also highly susceptible to harm. His biggest attribute — his heart — is also his biggest flaw.

However, many would love to see Charlie Cox's Netflix's stairway fighting supremo join forces with the Avengers on the big stage. Around the release of Captain America: Civil War, there was speculation Cox could join the fold. It didn't happen, but does that mean the chance has gone?

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Daredevil Can't Compete With The Avengers

In an interview with Boogaloo Radio, Cox discussed the odds of making the leap from city scuffler to Earth defender. The 34-year-old explained the separate production teams involved in the TV and film adaptations make things a little more difficult, before adding his thoughts on whether the transition would happen in the future:

"I went back and read Civil War before the movie came out. Because a lot of people had asked me if I thought that based on tone and genre the DD show is in, could that co-exist in one of the Avenger movies.

And I went back and had a look to see how the comics approached it and you know, DD can’t compete with those guys."

Daredevil 'can't compete' with the Avengers [Credit: Netflix]
Daredevil 'can't compete' with the Avengers [Credit: Netflix]

Coming from the mouth of Matt Murdock himself, it's a tough but entirely justified stance. Compared to the likes of Steve Rogers, a suited Tony Stark, Peter Parker, 's no nonsense, heart-on-the-sleeve fighting style is perhaps not best suited to the kind of threats the face. Surely, though, he has something to offer? Cox added:

"He’s a street hero and he doesn’t have superpowers in the same way but his role as a device within Civil War is really effective and he maintains his character. So I think he could have worked so who knows. Maybe one day."

Will Daredevil Join The Avengers In Future?

In the Civil War comic, Murdock is in prison as events explode, but Daredevil still appears in the form of Danny Rand (Iron First), who takes over the identity to prove Murdock's innocence after he is exposed as The Man Without Fear. Considering the complexity, it's understandable why this storyline wasn't picked up.

'Infinity War' is already bloated with characters [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Infinity War' is already bloated with characters [Credit: Marvel Studios]

If Cox was overlooked for Civil War, it's highly unlikely he'll feature in future Avengers films. has over 60 different characters, including the Guardians of the Galaxy. With the more-is-more philosophy of superhero team-ups, that number could be increased again for the 2019 follow up, making it a tight squeeze for Murdock to fit in.

It's not necessarily a bad thing, though. Like the TV show itself, Daredevil plays to his strengths by sticking to lower-level enemies as he protects Hell's Kitchen. With the imminent collaboration with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in The Defenders, Daredevil has his rightful home — and that's the way it should remain.

Do you think Daredevil should join the Avengers in on the big screen? Or does he work best defending Hell's Kitchen only?

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

(Source: Boogaloo)


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