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Brian Salisbury

"Who cares about comic book movies when there's still the Fifty Shades of Grey movie to cast," asked no one.

Still, it can't be denied that E.L. James' steamy (read: trashy) romance novels have a following; a following that has already purchased 70 million copies of the various books in the series. And now it seems that Universal and Focus Features have landed their male and female leads for the big screen adaptation, which will be directed by (Nowhere Boy). According to Deadline, (Pacific Rim) will play Christian Grey, an industrialist who takes the virginity of young Anastasia Steele and then demands that the love-struck girl indulge his kinky sexual desires. Steele will purportedly be played by (21 Jump Street), who happens to be the daughter of and .

I'm going to put aside my distaste for these books for a moment and play devil's advocate. Charlie Hunnam, as excellent as he in on Sons of Anarchy, has not proven himself to be very charismatic on screen. He was so flat in Pacific Rim that it was hard to tell sometimes whether he was actually in a scene or just a visual artifact resulting from the disorienting 3D. If you really want to bring to the screen a character who is enticing enough to convince a young woman to give up her entire identity in order to be with him, wouldn't it make sense to go with an actor with a bit more, I don't know, magnetism and charm?

I don't know, what do you guys think?


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