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A month ago, when and were revealed to be the lucky pair cast in the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele for the hugely anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey (anticipated by a certain demographic, anyway), fans, well...they weren't pleased, to say the least. But the second great casting brouhaha of 2013 (the first being, of course, Batfleck) may already be falling apart.

The Guardian is reporting that Hunnam has decided to drop out of the project, citing his packed schedule as the reason. Remember, he's still in the thick of shooting Sons of Anarchy and had initially turned down the role of Christian Grey due to timing issues. It appears as if, once he realized the scope of the project, from the filming to the massive PR campaign with all its press tours, he decided there was no way he could continue with the project.

That, or he decided that maybe he wasn't quite ready for the level of insane scrutiny and psychotic fanbase that is sure to surround the actor who appears on screen as Mr. Grey. Just ask what appearing as an iconic heartthrob did for his personal life and privacy, after all.

But regardless of the ultimate reason, this is an embarrassing about-face for Universal, which now has to scramble to find a replacement for opposite Johnson, who is still set as Anastasia.

Just when we were getting used to the idea, too. Looks like there's another round of fan meltdowns headed our way, everyone.

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