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For all its faults (the lack of Ron Perlman being a big one), the final season of FX's wildly popular Sons of Anarchy did feel like a fitting ending to the show — if only because they squashed in as many character deaths as they could fit into 13 episodes.

Kurt Sutter's biker-gang captured the imagination of millions, and much of that imagination was woven around the tragic tale of central character, Jax Teller, portrayed by up-and-coming Hollywood leading man . Hunnam was an integral part of the show from day one, and one of the few cast members who appeared in all 92 episodes over the show's seven seasons.

[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

It's been two years now since finished its critically acclaimed run, and Jax Teller set out on his final, fateful ride. Attempting to save his children — Abel and Thomas — by breaking the cycle of violence passed down from father to son, Jax rode his bike into an oncoming semi during a police chase. Arms open, he embraced his death in a homage to the murder of his father, and appears finally to be at peace in his final moments.

We never see Jax's body, but the message of the final episode was clear. This was a run of self-sacrifice, befitting the tone and tragedy of the series. But there's always some who like to imagine, "What If?"

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Such was the case of a TMZ street reporter who waylaid Hunnam earlier this week, asking the big question nobody else was asking: is Jax really dead? Hunnam thinks so. But the reporter pointed out that the audience never actually explicitly saw Jax die, because Game of Thrones has proven that subtlety is apparently a dead art form when it comes to modern television.

Ah yes, so open to interpretation [Credit: FX]
Ah yes, so open to interpretation [Credit: FX]

Hunnam responded quite good naturedly, revealing that — while he's pretty sure Jax is dead — he hasn't actually seen the finale episode of Sons of Anarchy. Or indeed, the final season. He told TMZ:

"Do you know what, can I tell you something? I actually haven't seen the last season of 'Sons' yet, so I didn't see how it ended."

Hunnam goes on to explain that he doesn't usually watch the shows he acts in — something that is not unusual for an actor of his standing. He says he prefers to keep a distance from the show and his role in it, leaving some time so that he can better appreciate the final product "for what it is", rather than what he "wanted it to be."

[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

This street interview of course was all tied up in the exciting Mayans MC spin-off show, which has finally started turning wheels towards production over the past month. TMZ really wanted to know if Hunnam was going to make an appearance in the new spin-off, which seems unlikely given the whole "being dead" aspect of his character.

TMZ: "Alright so, I need to know, is Jax Teller coming in [for 'Mayans MC'] in a dream?"

Hunnam: "Listen, if they call me- Listen, if they want me to do a little dream sequence, I'll do a little dream sequence. I'd do anything for Kurt [Sutter], I love that guy."

TMZ: "But you're dead?"

Hunnam: "Yeah, I think I'm dead.... When I got the script and it said 'Jax Teller dies' that was pretty definite, you know."

There you have it, Jax Teller definitely went off to meet Mr. Mayhem, and he won't be Jon Snow-ing his way out of this one. But if Kurt Sutter wants a little dream sequence for Mayans MC, Hunnam will be there in a flash.

What was your favorite moment from Sons of Anarchy? Do you want to see Jax return for Mayans MC? Sound off in the comments below!

SOA's motto [Credit: FX]
SOA's motto [Credit: FX]

(Source: TMZ)


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