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For a beautiful specimen who claims his chiseled physique is down to frequent boning and also boasts an impressive back catalogue of steamy scenes, it comes as quite the surprise that A* hunk does not enjoy gettin' freaky on screen. Why? Because he's scared of going blind.

Well, kind of. Speaking to Elle Magazine, the star explains that his fear of germs started as a kid, spawning in the depths of northern England and he's carried it with him ever since:

“I’ve been profoundly germophobic since I was a young child. I don’t want to kiss anyone but my girlfriend for my whole life. When I was maybe eight or nine, there was a parasite from dogs in the north of England that, if you ingested it, could turn you blind."

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Not that it's common to waltz around England's wild north munching on dog parasites (I should know, I'm grew up there), but it's understandable even the thought would strike the fear of god into a an 8-year-old kid.

“We had a thing in schools to educate the kids about the importance of hygiene, specifically around dogs, because we had a few kids who went blind. That horrified me. The point is, everyone thinks it’s great to be an actor and get to kiss a bunch of beautiful actresses in films, but I actually hate it.”

It's a shame to think that next time we see the actor locking lips on screen — which we probs will in — we'll know that he's hating it, and that dogs, and England, are to blame.

The Lost City of Z hits theaters nationwide April 14, 2017.

Are you sad to hear that dogs are to blame for Charlie Hunnam's hatred of filming sex scenes?

(Source: Elle)


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