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Have you guys heard about the insane celebrity boxing match shizzle that's going down? I think they might have just nabbed themselves two new competitors because the gloves are off in the ongoing feud between Two and a Half Men rivals, Ashton Kutcher and Charlie Sheen.

Kutcher vented his frustration over the keyboard mashing antics of his volatile Twitter nemesis to Jimmy Kimmel. The Two and a Half Men star is so exasperated with 's incessant ranting that he turned to the camera to address the actor directly, and he didn't mince his words. Kutcher said;

I’m going to publicly plead right now with Charlie. Dude, shut the fuck up! Like, seriously! Enough already! It’s like 3 years later and you're still blowing me up on Twitter? Come on dude, really

Skip to around 2.58 in the video below to hear the words from the man himself. [bc:3163241015001]

Escandelo! broke one of the great unwritten rules of the internet and fed the troll an enormous, juicy bone, but things went surprisingly well for him. Sheen diplomatically replied with:

Awwwww, Charlie Sheen took to Twitter to show a more tender side

...Right before he aggressively attacked the keyboard in the grip of a hyper-aggressive rage stroke

Oh Charlie, Charlie. Don't ever change. You might not have got a handle on maturity just yet, but you certainly know how to entertain with your erratic, barbed tongue.

Now I have got the idea into my little skull, I just can't shake the image of a Kutcher vs Sheen boxing ring brawl. Seeing Sheen's wrinkly moobs jiggling above a pair of satin shorts would be mildly traumatic, but I think it would be total worth enduring for the fight of the century.

Would Sheen's psychotic, misguided rage K.O Kutcher or would the younger stars vitality ensure he was the victor?

What do you guys think? Leave me your creative insights in the comments! The best scenario wins my lofty approval and, a nice little gif if you're lucky!

Source: Dlisted

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