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Just in time for World AIDS day on December 1, has revealed that doctors were able to fully suppress his HIV virus, thanks to an injection that was being tested in a clinical trial.

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Sheen's doctor reported to the 51-year-old actor:

"Just got your recent two VL results

Both are TND (target not detectable)

Complete suppression

Excellent news"

Sheen had been testing the drug PRO-140 since the beginning of 2016. According to the Daily Mail, he was required to have one injection per week in lieu of the multiple pills and medications that are generally required to suppress HIV. The injections reportedly have zero side effects and, while not a complete cure, they have made the virus undetectable and made the risk of transmission negligible.

Charlie Sheen In Two And A Half Men
Charlie Sheen In Two And A Half Men

Sheen expressed his joy at the results:

"It's impossibly amazing. Personally, I think about how I felt on the day and how I feel today. Wow. Talk about a transformation. One minute you're on the road to perdition, the next you're on the road to providence. It's amazing. I thought for sure I'd be stuck on that cocktail forever, but look at me now."

These results could prove extremely beneficial to anyone suffering from HIV, as PRO-140 could provide a more effective alternative to traditional antiretroviral therapy (ART), which has never been able to achieve such positive results. Sheen continued:

Charlie Sheen in Two And A Half Men
Charlie Sheen in Two And A Half Men

"You'd think that I have this disease and I'm doing a trial so I'm probably covered in blackheads and all that. Not at all. I haven't felt anything - nothing. The only thing that I've noticed was that on the day of the injection I felt a little bit of fatigue. Just a little bit. But you know... 'hash tag so what?!' I could barely notice it, and now I feel great. It's beyond the pale of amazing."

Sheen participated in a Phase III trial, meaning that he was in the last group of human test subjects before the drug can become available to the public. The results are currently being studied by the FDA.

[Source: The Daily Mail]

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