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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

The antics. Poking stabs at his previous role on Two and a Half Men, Charlie has once again proven that it takes more than popularity and Tigers Blood to win. Fox's new hit series Anger Management has once again put Sheen into an award winning show that mimics a reformed character who still has the 'SHEENING' quality that only Charlie poses.

But now, is this true...? The Anger Management star is officially a Grandfather!? The daughter of Paula Profit and Charlie sheen, Cassandra gave birth to Charlie's first Grandchild. Does this adjustment in his life mean he should be a better role model? "Hell no...She will know that despite fame, drugs, hookers and fandom...she is an Esteves. No points given...No talents taken. She is going to be "Winning" without ever having to be a "Tiger" (says the actor who feels genuine pride for his grandchild).

Looking deeper into his career, he was asked at a recent event. "Charlie, any talk about producing films of your own in the future?". The actor just winked with a smile. "Man, I am still in my prime. I prefer acting and working on set. I am not ready to be behind the scene and chewing on malox tablets with a Vodka chaser. I am comfortable and in a position that I can just ride in the back seat instead of being the driver."


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