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Multiples changes have happened in the past few seasons with inexplicably still-popular CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men (seriously, I don't get it). First, there was 's very public breakdown and departure (and subsequent death being written into the show), then child actor joining the Kirk Cameron Crazy Train Party, publicly lashing out at the show and fellow cast members about the "immoral" views held and so being (mostly) written out of the show, and chronic self-aggrandizer jumping on board in Season 9 in a scramble to get someone to replace the gap left by Sheen's departure. Poor . He didn't really deserve that Emmy in 2012, but...he really deserved that Emmy in 2012.

But the most controversial change might be coming in Season 11 (Eleven seasons, dear God), with a recurring character set to play a pivotal role joining the cast: The late Charlie Harper's (Sheen) illegitimate daughter, Jenny. She's described as 21 years old, sexy and gorgeous...and gay. Jenny will share many traits with her deceased father, most notably their shared love of women. Jenny will join the cast in the Season 11 premiere, having just move to Los Angeles from New York. There is also the possibility that audiences might be introduced to her mother later in the season, a former flame of Charlie's.

Originally, Jenny was set to be a regular character, but with the meltdown and chemistry implosions of the past few years, producers have decided to have her simply be a recurring character with the option to become a regular, provided she gets along with the rest of the cast. No one has yet been chosen for the role.

So basically, CBS is swapping out their militantly religious and rigid teenage male lead for a sexy gay female. Troll level: Maxed. Well-played, CBS. Well-played, indeed.

Two and a Half Men returns on September 26th.

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