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After blazing an unforgettable trail of bitter booze-fuelled vitriol about his exit from Two and a Half Men (and by extension, his successor Ashton Kutcher) Charlie Sheen has finally found forgiveness in his heart.

For those of you who have banished those dark times from their memory, Sheen mainly blasted his rage at Ashton through the unusual medium of deranged Twitter poems like the sonnet below:

After spending years reflecting on his actions, Sheen has finally decided to admit in public that he might have been wrong to go totally nuclear on someone who was essentially a stranger, and explained to US Weekly that:

“I was stupidly mean to him because I overlooked the reality and difficulty of taking over a show. Which I did, I took over Spin City when Michael J. Fox was too sick to work, but no one ever put those two together…So I should have been nicer. He was tasked with such an uphill struggle, and I was more into my own ego than I was aware of his own battle and for that I am regretful."

Ashton on 'Two and a Half Men' [Credit: CBS]
Ashton on 'Two and a Half Men' [Credit: CBS]

After coming to terms with the fact he had been a colossal asshole, got the chance to personally attempt make amends with , and apparently now everything is slightly better between the two... apart from the fact that Kutcher thought he was gonna get punched:

"I saw him at a Dodgers’ game back in November and I forced him into a handshake. I said, ‘Give me that cup of coffee, young man, and shake my hand.’ It was awkward, but I made it fine because I felt bad for him. He thought he was going to catch a right cross, but I just wanted to give him a hug.”

If Sheen can change, there is hope for anyone. Maybe 2017 won't be so bad after all!

Do you think Charlie Sheen has changed for the better since Two and a Half Men?

(Source: US Weekly)


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