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If you loved the neon thrills of John Wick Chapter 2 but felt like what it really needed was a lady badass kicking butt in suspenders and lip-locking the French way with other ladies, today's your lucky day.

Why? Because the first teaser trailer for just dropped, and this movie nobody knew about last week has suddenly become must-see viewing for millions of men everywhere. Not that that's why there's a cheeky lesbian kiss in the trailer, obviously — that's pure coincidence, so take your cynicism out with the trash.

Actually, there are so few unapologetically great action heroines on the big screen these days, you probably won't even need to coerce your girlfriend into seeing this movie with you. She's already booking tickets on Fandango.

Check out the Atomic Blonde teaser trailer below. The full trailer debuts tomorrow.

Atomic Blonde is clearly inspired, to say the least, by the pulpy aesthetic and wild action sequences of John Wick, which is no surprise considering both are directed by John Leitch. If Charlize can pull a proverbial Keanu amidst the moments of sheer, unadulterated trashiness, this could be the first entry in a new franchise for the woman who's been in search of the optimum action role ever since her pitch-perfect turn in Mad Max: Fury Road.

For more action:

It's set in Berlin just prior to the fall of the wall in 1989, where Charlize's MI6 spy Lorraine Broughton is tasked with identifying the killers of a fellow agent. To do so, she joins forces with David Percival (James McAvoy), but from the teaser trailer it looks as if the mission won't be all business, no pleasure.

Atomic Blonde unleashes its weapons of mass distraction on July 28.

Is Charlize about to usurp Scarlett Johansson as Hollywood's ultimate badass?


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