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By now you've certainly seen the trailer; Charlize Theron stars as the titular Atomic Blonde, an M16 spy whose mission of identifying a fellow agent's killer takes a turn for the saucy. And it's saucy AF.

Of course, when you include a scene that features in a kinky bed romp scene with Sofia Boutella, the world and its mother wants to know more about it immediately. Especially when both characters are a) stunning b) badass, and c) do you need another reason?

No. No you don't.

'Atomic Blonde' [Credit: Focus]
'Atomic Blonde' [Credit: Focus]

So, it goes without saying that during an appearance at last weekend, Theron was poked for more info — namely, what it was like "seducing" her co-star. She told ET Canada:

“Seducing her? It’s very easy, she’s gorgeous! She was just great. She was the only actress that we looked at. She came over, she hung out with me and [director] Dave, and there was something about her that was so genuinely innocent and yet incredibly strong, that she was really perfect for the film.”

See also:

They certainly look like they've got chemistry, alright! In fact, they worked so well together that Theron's adamant nobody else would've been right for the part:

“I can’t imagine anyone else doing it. She’s a dancer, I’m a dancer. So, we’re a little bit like — you know dancers are like, ‘What? Being naked is nothing.’ We just wanted it to be real and cool.’”

Check out the scene in action in the first R-rated trailer below:

Starring Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, Sofia Boutella and John Goodman, and helmed by John Wick director David Leitch, Atomic Blonde is set in Cold War Berlin and follows the murder investigation of an M16 agent, and recovering a missing list of double agents.

Atomic Blonde smacks into theaters July 28th.

Are you hyped to see Charlize Theron's sexy scene on the big screen?

(Source: ET Canada)


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