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fans have been clamoring for a new season since the series wrapped in 2006, and as all the stars had expressed the interest in being witched again, we were hoping it was only a matter of time before we saw the Halliwells together. Well, that might be happening, but not in the way we wanted.

A Charmed prequel (or reimagining as it's also being called) is now in the works at The CW, and it will not feature Paige, Piper, Phoebe, or Prue — unless it's as children — since the retooled show will take place in the 1970s, though even that's a far stretch when you consider the setting. Here's what we know so far:

The Tentative Plot

The series will include three female witches living in New England in 1976. The trio will fight the forces of evil and the rules against women, but there is no indication yet the women are related or even connected to the Halliwell line. Given the setting is in New England, and the Charmed sisters lived in San Francisco as did Gram, this looks to be more of a retooling of the series than a continuation of the bloodline.

The Series Has Been Ordered To Pilot At The CW

As well all know, pilots get picked up or left in the dust all the time, so there are no guarantees this show will be a success or a season will even be ordered. This is just a first step in a long process. However, executive producer Jennier Snyder Urman is behind the series, and the story is being written by Jessica O'Toole and Amy Rardin. All three women have worked together on the Golden Globe-winning series Jane the Virgin. Given their proven track record, this prequel has a good shot.

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The Original Cast Will Not Be Included

Since the series will be set in 1976, we'll be seeing patchwork pants, flared slacks and leisure suits, but we may not be seeing any of the original cast. We don't know yet if the characters in this series are going to be part of the Halliwell ancestry, such as Melinda Warren. If so, there's a slight possibility there could be an opening for a reprisal of Halliwell sisters during a time travel episode.

Fans Of The Original Series Are On The Fence

The Charmed fandom is a vast network. Google "Charmed fans", and you'll see an array of fan clubs, websites, fan pages and art. One of the most popular Facebook Fan Pages, Charmed Reunion, posted about the prequel, and the responses were varied. One commenter can see the possibilities if a few changes were made.

"I quite like the idea of a spin off, introducing new character and such...but a prequel? A series that focuses on new witches would allow a cameo of the charmed ones but also expand the universe.."

While other commenters didn't have such high hopes for the series.

"It's very unlikely that this 'prequel' will be a success. CBS and The CW need to work on a reboot, as most 90's shows are coming back to our screens. We need to be Charmed, again."

"I am a huge Charmed fan, watched from the first episode in 98, but the only way this prequel is to work if it follows their mom in the 70s or something like that."

The Charmed Reunion Fan Page is still asking for signatures on a petition to reboot the original series. So far, the cry has captured 1,505 signatures, with a flurry of them coming shortly after the announcement of the pilot order.

As there is no word on when the pilot will air, we'll have to wait to see how all of this plays out. If the pilot is ordered to series, could there be hope for a Charmed mini-reunion with time travel? If the series is successful, it's certainly possible the powers that be will realize the potential in returning the original Halliwell sisters to the small screen.

Will you be watching the new Charmed series if it debuts? Let us know in the comments below.


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