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In early January, news of a Charmed prequel series broke, and the announcement received mixed reviews. The producers seemed eager to forge ahead with a new version of the Power of Three, which isn't what longtime fans expected or wanted.

But the plans have now least temporarily.

TV Line has reported that the new Charmed series is being delayed until 2018. Several reasons were given for the change, including the current crop of renewed series and the producers' schedules. However, fans are paying closer attention to the report from The Hollywood Reporter, which indicated the "draft didn't come in the way the network had hoped."

The network is hoping to recapture the success of the original series, but fans around the world are not seeing that as a possibility without the original actresses. And though CW President Mark Pedowitz stated the show would involve the Power of Three element, it wasn't enough for hardcore fans.

The CW is already taking a big risk by alienating a fan base that is millions strong. Ignoring the input of these dedicated viewers could risk the success of any future series, despite the network's determination to do its own thing.

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With the news of the production delay, fans of the original Charmed took to social media to express their relief and to continue the push for a Charmed movie or show with the original actresses.

Charmed Reunion, a Facebook page with over 31,000 followers and almost 22,000 Twitter followers, has been very vocal about not liking the idea of a Charmed reboot without the ladies that made the show a success for eight seasons. I reached out to the site to get their take on the delay. Here's their response:

"Living in the social media era gives us fans a stronger voice and the network definitely picked up on that."

The site administrators added what they feel the fans are looking for and are hoping the network will listen.

"I hope they [the network] realize the cast of Charmed is unique and the network finds a different approach that will honor and be true to the original show. Fans always want more Charmed. The network just has to find a way to intertwine the old with the new and keep in mind that at its heart Charmed is all about the strong bond of family."

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

With the production on hold until 2018, there is plenty of time for the producers and the network to do some recon to determine what the fans would enjoy. Although reaching new fans is always possible, enticing viewers who have been longtime fans of Charmed would go a long way toward assuring the reboot's success.


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