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Mark Newton

Ever wanted to ask Kevin Feige or the Thor: The Dark World cast a question? Y'know stuff like "What was it like working with ?" or ", why aren't you returning my calls?" Well, now you can, thanks to technology!

Marvel boss Kevin Feige and the Thor cast will be getting together for a series of Skype online chats in which they'll answer questions submitted by their fans. Apparently the process is so complicated that they've produced a 3-minute video explaining just how to do it. Listen to the rather lovely Georgia Benjamin explain how you can submit a question below:


Marvel have also released a couple of short videos featuring Feige and Thor himself () as they invite you to contribute to the event. Take a look below:



There's still no exact date for when the selected questions will be answered, indeed it seems like they'll be periodically rolled out on the official website in the run-up to Thor: The Dark World's release.

What do you think? Will you ask a question? Why not let us know it below.


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