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It appears as if everyone is jumping on board the Hellraiser Reboot, if by "everyone", I mean the Wild Orchid Baking Company. After charming customers and their audience with whimsical confections and flower-covered wedding cakes, they decided to turn the tables and make a cake of a distinctly demonic sort. They recently posted images of a new creation on their Facebook page that, if eaten, could possibly send you through a portal, across the Schism, and into another dimension.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. That is the Lament Configuration, the infamous puzzle box portal from the Hellraiser series, and the most well-known of the Lemarchand's boxes from 's horrific world. Five bucks says at least half their Facebook fans saw it and said, "Oh, that's pretty! Is that one of those Victorian...steampunk...things?" completely unaware that if they were to eat it, Pinhead would appear and devour their souls.

The real question is, if you buy the cake, do you get a free Cenobite? I call dibs on Chatterer.

(Source: Wild Orchid Baking Co. via Bloody Disgusting)

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