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's name is not one that has been associated with amazing movies the past few years, after the huge success of the late 90s-early 00s. Since then, the quality of his films, box office revenue, and critical acclaim have been going steadily downhill.

But can a bona fide star in and what seems to be a solid premise in After Earth resurrect his career? The early stuff released made it look promising, sort of an Avatar meets Jurassic Park meets Oblivion feel that was visually great and promised a lot of stunning action sequences. But... the accents. I'm not sure I can get past the accents. I get that this is 1,000 years in the future and that accents logically would have evolved by that point. I just... if you can't do an accent well or consistently, it's better to just not do one at all, because it takes the audience right out of the movie experience.

Anyway, the movie got a new television spot to tie itself in to Earth Day (which happened on Monday, for all you Earth-hating tree-punchers). Not surprisingly, the "we destroyed the Earth" premise is fairly overt in this spot.

My question is, why did the life forms on Earth evolve to kill humans if there haven't been humans around for over 1,000 years? It makes no biological sense from an evolutionary standpoint. My hope is that this is explained at some point in the film and that the movie is strong enough for audiences to get past the wavering and muddled accents that both Will and son are trying on for size. It's a shame if it isn't, because the story itself seems engaging, and it's definitely neat to see father and son working together, especially when that son is a dead ringer for his dad.

For better or for worse, After Earth will be crash-landing in theaters on May 31st.

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