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Sophie Atkinson

We're excited as all get out about 's upcoming film Horns, an adaptation of the sheer weirdness that is Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son)'s novel. Now thanks to the good people at Entertainment Weekly, we get to see Voldemort-thwarter decked out in a pair of horns.

The film centers on a young man (Radcliffe), who is suspected of his girlfriend's brutal murder. Shortly after, he wakes up to find horns growing from his forehead. As time passes, the horns grow and he starts to 'feel the power of the devil himself' as he tries to solve his girlfriend's murder.

So far, we've mainly seen Radcliffe in arty roles post-Harry P. While this is still going to be dreamy and weird enough to be in line with his indie efforts, it'll be great to watch the talented Brit tackling a role this unabashedly gory. If you're wondering why Alexandre Aja's name seems familiar, you probably know him from bloody movies like High Tension, the Hills Have Eyes remake and Piranha 3D.

Without further ado, we give you: Harry P with horns!

Harry P rocking what looks like a whole lot of American Apparel! (Where else can a gentleman-about-town invest in a t-shirt with a V neck slashed to his navel?)

Harry P in flashback sharing an intimate moment with his girlfriend, played by Juno star !

And an old still (in case you missed it first time round) of Harry P with fully grown horns!:

Horns hit theaters in 2014 - what do you think of Daniel Radcliffe's devilish new incarnation? Sound off below.


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