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As I'm sure you've noticed, videos have taken over Facebook recently. To celebrate their 10 Year Anniversary, Facebook has introduced a feature which takes your 'best' and most 'liked' moments and compiled them into a faux-inspirational video. Usually they consist of drunken party photos or that time you did 2 weeks volunteering in Costa Rica.

Anyway, it seems Optimus Prime doesn't want to miss out on any of this feel-goodery, especially when he's busy marketing Transformers: Age of Extinction. Paramount has just posted up a look back video for the autobot leader. As you can imagine it features plenty of promotional pictures and come choice inspiration quotes from Optimus himself. Check it out below:


Well, it was certainly more interesting than my look back video. It turns out I've practically done nothing since 2007. Cheers Mark Zuckerberg...

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What do you think? Let's take this moment to look back at the Transformers franchise. Which was your favorite movie of the series so far? Let me know below.



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