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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Godzilla's a pop culture icon. So, surely it's time for a bone-fide Hollywood smash-em-up classic? All us Anglophones have had is a 1998 melange of mediocrity, an utterly forgettable bust. And even if you think you can remember it, you can't - that was Cloverfield.

So it's cool news that this version of Godzilla is currently go-go-go. And now there's some brand new set stills to peruse. These photo's don't tell us much if I'm honest, there's and looking pretty darn terrified, which is understandable when a gargantuan giant monster is about to get his rage on.

BUT Walter White and Kick-Ass exhibiting a mentor-apprentice vibe, saving the world from a big-ass monster. I'm sold. This type of film, for me, requires a speedy pace, outrageous set-pieces and human protagonists with a bit of spice (i.e nobody in Cloverfield). And judging by 2010's Monsters, I reckon can do it.

Check out the gallery below for a look (courtesy of Just Jared) at next summer's big monster movie:

What do we want next? A new trailer? Excited for Godzilla? Get in touch below!


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