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Is it me or does the release of Oblivion feel like an age ago? So much so, news of some extra content is music to my ears. For all the Tom Cruise-hate that increasingly dominates, Oblivion, for me, was a solid example of genre fare.

So, we've got three deleted scenes and some concept art for you to peruse. First up, those scrapped scenes. Check em' out below:




So, analysis time. They don't change things too much, if I'm honest. But they undoubtedly are still a nice addition for the fans. My favorite? By a long shot, it's the the alternate opening. Looks suitably epic and tense, and I actually wouldn't dispute it replacing the original opening! Any other thoughts? the flirtation between Jack () and Victoria () at the end of 'MedKit'. Just a lil' cringe.

And here's the concept art, quite cleverly relating to the advanced medical kit Victoria uses on Jack in 'MedKit'. Looks nifty!

So, Oblivion. With a few months hindsight behind us, was it an effective sci-fi thriller? Or did it, as many critics claim, really rip-off past classics of the genre? Jump in with your ideas below.


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