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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

It's an undeniable fact that Star Trek franchise has been on the up in recent years - whether it's box office, critical acclaim or general buzz. But it's not all rosy - just recently, Star Trek Into Darkness was voted the worst film ever by Trekkies. You go forward in one direction, you hurtle backwards in the other.

Anyway, I liked Into Darkness, even though I felt the first Star Trek film was a more ambitious, innovative entity. It looks like a long wait until the next film is released (depending on when they manage to source a replacement for galaxy-jumping !), so you'll have to live with rewatching Into Darkness over and over again. And don't worry - there's a raft of extra content to gorge yourself upon. First up, there's a featurette of that incredible opening chase scene, with commentary from Mr Abrams and (Bones). Turns out Abrams wanted to create something more of a classic Star Trek feel with the shot, something I'm sure passionate Trekkies will jump upon.

Then, there's some concept art (after the jump!), which is all very futuristic and visionary. It all helps to flesh out the experience that lil bit more, and remind you of what an undertaking a big-budget blockbuster is.



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