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Now that we know the insanely-anticipated fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise will be henceforth known as Jurassic World, fan speculation of all sorts is flying around the internet like, well, a pterodactyl. Does that work? No? Whatever. I'm sticking with it.

But of all the bits and bobs floating around about the upcoming film, the one that's gotten me most excited has come from an unlikely source: A recent Star Wars convention in Germany, included as part of the presentation by concept artist and designer Iain McCraig. Now, keep in mind, it is just a pitch trailer for the film, meaning that none of the (brief) footage will be used in the film. It's merely to pitch the concept. But what a cool concept it is...

UPDATE: It was actually a misunderstanding and the footage was actually not a pitch for the film, but from a video game that never saw the light of day. That being said, it's still badass and still can give the creators something to think about.


HAH! See? How ya like my failed pterodactyl simile now, world? Hearing the delighted clapping at the very end of the footage brings me back to when I first saw the original Jurassic Park in theaters and was completely blown away by a movie for the first time in my life (Fun fact: Fellow MP writer Matt Carter went to check out Jurassic Park 3D last night and may or may not have cried, just saying). It apparently even got director excited about dinosaurs again.

After the mediocre third installment, I'm sincerely hoping the fourth film can recapture the magic of the first one and inject some life into the franchise. Whether or not it will accomplish this remains to be seen. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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