BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

The new Boardwalk Empire Welcome Back Tease opens, appropriately enough, on a striptease, before descending into the show's winning formula of stylishly shot violence.

The 30 second clip shows us Nucky meeting a potential new lover, a sultry blonde who confides that people tell her he's 'dangerous'. It then shows Richard Harrow (Jack Huston) getting aggressive, swiping some dollars and holding a person at gun point. The rest of the trailer is shared between a glance at Chalky White, then a discussion between Nucky and new character Dr Narcisse (Jeffrey Wright).


It certainly teases, but there's very little gratification - for a more satisfying slice of Boardwalk Empire, try the first teaser, which is less hyperactive:


The Prohibition drama returns to HBO on September 8th at 9p.m. Do the trailers inspire you to keep on watching the drama, or will you be giving it a miss this time round? Let me know below.


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