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If you're a rabid Pixar fan (no shame in that), you'll probably already know about their promising project, The Good Dinosaur, and the massive delay it's being subjected to. Initially scheduled for a 2014 release, the new premiere date has now been set for Thanksgiving of 2015.

Via the fellas over at IndieWire, we got our hands on the first teaser poster for the movie, still in early stages of development, which reflects the new release date. Plus, they scored an interview with two Pixar big fish in which they explain the reasons for the delay.

The Good Dinosaur envisions a world where the meteor that many scientists believe was the cause of the Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction (which wiped out all dinosaur species from the planet) never struck Earth. Thus, humans roam alongside dinos in a Flintstones-reminiscent alternative universe. The titular giant reptile is Arlo, a teenage member of an agrarian Apatosaurus family who finds himself on a quest to restore peace to his tranquil community, which has been rattled by a traumatic event. On his mission he encounters and befriends a small human boy (whom he mistakes for a bug at first) nicknamed Spot.

The fim's original helmer was , who co-directed the Pixar classic Up, but for unknown reasons he's now detached from the project, leaving the director's chair empty for now until an appropriate replacement can be found. IndieWire asked Monsters University director and Pixar producer Kori Rae about how the studio manages its creative process. Rae explained:

Really, it is all about the story. We don’t move forward without it. And it’s excruciating. There’s nothing fun about it and it can be really painful. It’s a group effort here at Pixar and really collaborative, because we’re showing it to the Brain Trust and other folks at Pixar and getting notes from everyone. We really want to hear it all and make it better and better.

Scanlon added:

Luckily, there’s great respect from the whole studio that the story has to work first. And unfortunately, it’s this really amorphous, weird process that you can’t quite nail down or put a formula on. So you’re dealing with unruly child. And the great thing is that everyone is respectful and understanding of it even when it’s frustrating. Sometimes you’re dealing with a department and you’re on hold or you have to guess and it can be really scary but I think people try to trust the process, what little process there is.

Rae clarified that the problems with The Good Dinosaur aren't a unique experience for Pixar, who has dealt with similar and worse throughout the years:

Each film goes through its own experience and it’s amazing that we’ve made fourteen of these at all, because each film has its own set of problems. No one goes unscathed. Not even ‘Toy Story 3.’ So no one’s safe.

Until we hear more from these guys, simply enjoy the new promo poster:

The Good Dinosaur is currently scheduled for a November 25th, 2015 release.


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