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It's safe to say actor-director has rebounded nicely from his "Bennifer"/Gigli days and has gone on to build a career as a serious actor and respected director, with the highlight so far being last year's awards season darling Argo.

Next up is Runner Runner, a movie we here are Moviepilot are really looking forward to, mostly because Affleck will get the chance to shed his good guy image and step into a role deliciously more villanous. It will also be interesting to see what kind of chemistry Affleck and co-lead "I'm a serious thespian now, you guys" have together on screen in the roles of antagonist and protagonist, respectively.

Affleck is returning to his real-life gambling roots here in Runner, Runner with the story revolving around Richie (Timberlake), a clean-cut, Ivy League student who gambles away his pricey tuition through online poker. When he finds out the site is hosted from an offshore island, he believes himself to be swindled and travels to Costa Rica to confront the ruthless owner and gambling tycoon Ivan Block (Affleck). Block soon seduces Richie with promises of fame and riches and coerces him into becoming his right-hand man. However, when Richie discovers things about his employer he'd rather not know, he gets caught up in a web of lies, treachery, and criminal behavior.

As a refresher, here's the intense international trailer and the first poster for the film:

Also starring , , and , Runner, Runner hits theaters on September 27th.

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