BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

Why, hey there, superhero movie lover. Do you like your preview images of films action-packed and full of non-stop excitement? Rippling muscles? Clashing swords? Maybe a spot of jaw-dropping special effects?

Then yeah, this isn't your lucky day. The studios have released a 'new' (ish) image from Thor: The Dark World and it's a little bit blah.

It was featured in the teaser trailer but this is the first time it's been released separately as an image. It shows Frigga protecting a worried looking Jane Foster from something we can't see.

To recap, Thor: The Dark World centers on our titular hero who after having saved the world from destruction with his mighty allies in The Avengers, () is faced with a new powerful nemesis in the form of Malekith the Accursed (), who belongs to the race of the Dark Elves. After Malekith launches an attack on Asgard, which costs many lives, Thor has to cross into the dark parts of the nine realms to defeat the Dark Elves. But the only person, who has access to this sinister place is Thor’s highly untrustworthy stepbrother Loki (). To save Asgard the two must work together...

The film will be released November 8, 2013.


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